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                  1. 研峰科技公司簡介




                    研峰科技秉承“合作共赢、發展共享”的價值觀,以及“專業高效”服務宗旨,建有專門的電子商務網站,方便客戶實時查詢産品規格、價格及庫存信息,可以7x24小時自助訂購服務,随時查詢訂單進展,盡享快捷、高效的在線服務。 研峰科技将打造最先進的專業服務體系,用高品質的産品,及最高效的服務,服務于各行各業的科研,共創科技未來。

                    Profile of Infinity Scientific

                    Infinity Scientific (Beijing) Co. Ltd., was founded to research and manufacture fine chemical products including biological and chemical reagents, pharmaceutical and materials intermediates for high-tech industry customers.

                    We have a professional sales team in China, headquarter locates in Beijing and branch sales offices locate in Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Shenyang. Research institutes have been set up in Tianjin and Suzhou, targeting R&D of molecules for Chemical, Materials and Pharmaceutical industries. Our northern engineering center and manufacturing plant has been set up in Panjin, the chemical industry city of Liaoning province, 500 kilometers away from Beijing.

                    Our products include biological and chemical reagents, pharmaceutical and material intermediates, high-purity metal organic chemicals for semiconductor industry such as MO source and OLED industry, and professional catalyst materials serving in petroleum fields. We can also provide custom synthesis service with fast devlivery and leading quality by our high-standard R&D management system and QA system.

                    We are committed to deliver the best quality products and professional service with holding the values of "Win-Win Collaboration" and "Share for Development". We provide 7x24 hours online service, and you can find all of data including specifications, price, stock and COA on our online customer focused system. We strive to be a professional fine chemical supplier and seek to honor the future with our customers in varity of science and high-tech industries.